Villa felix

Costa Smeralda, Italy

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This luxury villa is located on the hill of Pantogia in Porto Cervo with a magic Sea view on the Pevero bay.

Style and elegance are the guidelines of this property. A mix of contemporary and traditional design and a peculiar attention to all details together with the use of best materials to decorate the interiors make this one of the favorite villas for architecture fans. Enjoy your holidays in this little private letting our staff pampering you in every moment.

All shops and restaurants of Porto Cervo are reachable with a short drive. The villa sits on an uphill position and grants also a quick access to many beaches and the Cala di Volpe area.

It’s a space where time slows down, and where the beauty of nature and the luxury of the villa unite to create a haven of pure relaxation and joy.

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850 m2

Living space

8.500 m2

Total plot size

8 + 2

Total bedrooms

8 bedrooms

2 staff bedrooms

Heated Swimming pool

Spa area

sauna, turkish bath

Walking distance to the sea

Fully Equiped Kitchen

10 WC

Equipped Gym

Wine Cellar

5 Covered parking spaces

Air conditioning

Satelite TV

Furnished outdoor veranda



On request


Nearest towns

Porto Cervo

2 km or 5’ drive


3.7 km or 7’ drive


7.3 km or 12’ drive

Nearest beach

Porto Paglia

2 km or 5’ drive

Grande Pevero

2 km or 5’ drive

What to do

Pantogia, a tranquil haven in Sardinia, offers a perfect blend of natural beauty and luxury. As you revel in the serenity of Pantogia itself, here are some nearby attractions and activities to enhance your Sardinian experience.

Venture to Arzachena, a nearby town rich in history. Visit the Nuraghe Albucciu and the Tomba dei Giganti, ancient sites that provide insights into Sardinia’s past. Arzachena also boasts upscale shopping and gourmet dining.

Palau, a picturesque coastal town, offers a charming harbor and access to Bear’s Rock (Roccia dell’Orso). Discover upscale dining options, and consider private yacht charters for exclusive island-hopping adventures.

Pantogia offers access to pristine beaches, including Rena Bianca and Liscia Ruja. Bask in the Mediterranean’s azure waters, indulge in water sports, or unwind at exclusive beach clubs that provide luxurious services and lounges.

Just a short drive away, Costa Smeralda is synonymous with luxury. Stroll through the glamorous Porto Cervo, renowned for high-end boutiques, Michelin-starred restaurants, and the glittering nightlife of Piazzetta. Enjoy the sun at Spiaggia del Principe or indulge in water sports at the exclusive Golfo Pevero.

Embark on a private boat excursion to the La Maddalena Archipelago, a collection of captivating islands with crystal-clear waters, secluded coves, and hiking trails. For a touch of luxury, consider a private yacht charter to explore these pristine waters in style.

Don’t miss the opportunity to visit local markets, where you can sample Sardinia’s artisanal cheeses, fine wines, and exquisite crafts. Hunt for unique, handcrafted luxury items that capture the essence of the island.

Savor the Gallura region’s distinctive culture and cuisine with a dash of luxury. Relish Gallurese delicacies at gourmet restaurants, explore charming villages like Tempio Pausania, and partake in private wine tastings.

Whether you’re seeking relaxation on the sun-soaked shores, cultural exploration, or indulgent luxury experiences, Pantogia and its surroundings offer a diverse range of opulent activities to make your Sardinian sojourn truly exceptional. Immerse yourself in the enchantment and luxury of this remarkable part of Italy!